Support Tooling

In addition to being a custom manufacturer of dedicated tube, wire and rod bending machines, Excel Machine & Tool, Inc. can supply you with steel QC gages, precision assembly machines, as well as other tooling used in the manufacture of tube and wire related products. Shown below are examples of the different types of equipment that the dedicated staff of Excel's designers and toolmakers can provide. When you are in need of assistance with the manufacture of your production equipment, contact Excel.

Automatic clip assembly
    Automatic clip assembly machine:
  • Operator loads 4 plastic clips and 1 hose assembly
  • Machine cycle automatically attaches the clips onto the hose assembly. Closes the clip lid and automatically performs a pull test on each individual clip
    Automatic bracket assembly machine:
  • Operator loads 2 metal clips, 1 bracket and 1 hose assembly
  • Machine cycle: automatically detects the presence of all required components and then extends the clip locators to securely attach the bracket to the hose assembly
Automatic bracket assembly
Automatic wire assembly
    Automatic wire assembly machine:
  • Operator loaded 3 bent wires
  • Machine cycle: automatically finished forming the bent wires, clipped the components into a single assembly and inspected the clips using a vision system
    Metal QC gage:
  • Air conditioner accumulator assembly
  • Designed and manufactured metal qc gage featuring heat treated locators and slide assemblies
Metal QC Gage
Hydraulic End Former
    Hydraulic End Forming Machine:
  • Machine produced a stop bead in the middle of a tube. Center of bead to the end of the tube was a maximum of 6 feet.
  • Several versions produced with multiple number of end stops