Production & Prototyping Services

Production & Prototyping Services
Bent Tubes

In addition to custom design and building bending equipment, we also offer Production & Prototyping Services in order to help you move your business into production. Using our extensive shop equipment, we are able to easily assist you on any projects and provide the convenience of serving as your one stop shop for the production of your products. If there is a part that cannot be made on our existing equipment, we will simply make a custom fixture that will allow us to bend your part.

Typically, we use our own custom built tooling and fixtures to produce prototype parts; sometimes the tooling is made specific to a part and sometimes tooling used to produce previous prototype samples is reused. Mounted in one of Excel's proprietary custom built, hand, pneumatic or hydraulic powered bending machines, the tooling specifically selected for your part, produces outstanding results.

No matter the size of the project or the scale of the production required, Excel can help you get your products and prototypes samples to your clients in the shortest turnaround time possible!

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Production & Prototyping Capabilities

Galvan Coated Tubes
Nylon Coated Tubes
Powered Coated Tubes
Steel - High Tensile Strength
Stainless Steel
Wire - Low Carbon
Wire - High Carbon
Wire - Spring
Typical Products
Air Conditioning Lines
Air Conditioning Accumulators
Air Conditioning Lines -
Manifold Assemblies
Active Roll Suspension Tubes
Brake Lines
Chair Frames
Evaporator Condensers
Fuel Lines
Guide Wires
Gearshifts - Column Mounted
Gearshifts - Floor Mounted
Guide Tubes - Brake Cables
Guide Tubes - Sun Roofs
Guide Tubes - Power Cables
Head Rest
Heat Exchanger Tubes
Listing Wires - Curved
Listing Wires - Straight
Paper Coated Wires
Power Steering Pressure Lines
Power Steering Return Lines
Seat Frames
Suture Lasso Tubes
Transmission Cooler Lines
Transmission Shifters
Underbody Tubes
Industries Served
Banana Display
Beckman & Gast Co.
Bennington Furniture Company
Blue Grass Metals, Inc.
Camelot Manufacturing, Inc.
Cf Gomma Usa, Inc.
Columbus Components Group
Cooper Standard
Copeland Corporation
Dana Automotive
Dayco Pacific
Dayco Products, Inc.
DTR Industries
Dura Automotive Systems, Inc.
Edwards Holdings
Emerson Climate Technologies
Evana Automation Specialists
Flexitech, Inc.
Ford Motor Co.
FRS Fluid Routing Systems, Inc.
GE Energy
General Motors
Harden Creek Machine & Tool, Inc.
Hitachi Cable Florida, Inc.
Hitachi Cable Indiana, Inc.
Hitachi Cable Queretaro, Inc.
Honda Of America
Industrial Distribution Group
Imc S.R.L.
Mac Machine & Metal Works, Inc.
Marley Precision, Inc.
Modern Industries
Mayflow Mexico
Nosag Spring
O-Flex Tube
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Phoenix Medical Products
Preferred Technical Group
Pride Manufacturing Inc.
Process Equipment Company
Robotic Accessories
Rts Wright Industries, LLC
Shelby Enterprises
Tri-State Roofing
Van Scoyk Sheet Metal
Volunteer Metal Systems, Inc.
West Ohio Tool & Mfg.
Xyz Imagerie, Inc.
YH America
Young Spring & Wire

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